Routes 6 & 61 Are Changing.

A New Route is on the Way!

The JobLines will still connect riders to more than 150 employers with well-paying opportunities in retail, manufacturing and more.

Route 57 is now JobLines

On January 6, 2019, Route 61 will become Route 57 – a BIGGER and BETTER route that runs from Milwaukee’s Intermodal Station all the way to Germantown!

Route 6 ends December 22, 2018, but …

– MCTS has dozens of routes covering the Metro Milwaukee area and beyond.

– The GoldLine has stops at Highway 100 and Brookfield Square

– Find your new route at


About Joblines

JobLines is a joint initiative among MCTS, BHCW (Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin) and MICAH (Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope) connecting Milwaukee residents with suburban job opportunities.

Every day, nearly 1,000 riders use JobLines to take them from the heart of Milwaukee to Waukesha and Washington Counties for jobs they can depend on. Are you looking for a better paying job? JobLines is still transportation you can count on.

Get connected with over
150 employers

opportunities in:
and more

make up to $18 an hour

Heroes of the JobLines

Meet the heroes who stepped up to save the JobLines and worked to extend funding through August 2019 – championed by County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic.

Milwaukee County Supervisors who voted to save the JobLines!


There’s still work to do!

You saved the JobLines! Because empowered citizens, employers and local politicians stepped up and spoke out, JobLines funding has been extended through August 2019.

But we need to work to make the JobLines permanent!

  • As a Rider, What can I do … ?

    You can use your VOICE! Contact your local government officials by phone or email. Let them know you use the JobLines, what they mean to you – now and into the future. As a JobLines rider, you’re a driver of the Save the JobLines effort.

    Click the button below to send an email to your local county supervisor.
    Milwaukee County
    Waukesha County

  • As an Employer, What Can I Do … ?

    The JobLines have been a boon to businesses along the route, bringing not only employees but countless customers to your door. Make it a point to LET COMMUNITY LEADERS KNOW WHAT THE JOBLINES MEAN to your workers, your customers, and your bottom line – and the impact losing them would make.  Click the button below to send an email to Waukesha County officials.


    Take a stand for better regional transportation and what it means to riders, businesses and the community. Reach out to constituents to get their feedback. Attend events. Speak out in support of the JobLines. GET BEHIND THE EFFORT TO ATTAIN PERMANENT FUNDING for this community lifeline! Click the button to the petition to find permanent funding for JobLines.




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